• What is Rude Awakening Records?


Rude Awakening Records is a DIY one man label, focused on Metal reissues of any kind.


  • Will you publish my band?


Interested bands can submit a request by the form in "About-Contact" section. Brand new releases won't be published by Rude Awakening.

Everyone who respects these simple rules will get an answer, positive or negative. Wide range (from Classical Heavy Metal to Grindcore), so don't be afraid to ask. Priority goes to bands with technical/progressive/avantgarde sound.


  • How can I order and pay?


Orders can be submitted by form or alternative mail, if form doesn't work. You can choose PayPal (worldwide, plus fees on order total) or bank transfer (only Europe, no added fees). All necessary data will be provided via mail.


  • When will my order be shipped?


Generally within 72 hours after payment. Remember that your payment must be received within 4 days after the confirmation of your order, otherwise it will be cancelled.


In case of registered shipping option, we'll send a tracking number as well.


  • I'm not satisfied with my order, will you refund me?


Refunding is possible only if the products have been damaged during transportation. You will be required to provide pictures of damages and to send back the products paying registered shipping costs.

Only product value will be refunded and, as said before, we're not responsible of losses if you choose ordinary shipping.

You'll be refunded when we receive the products back.


  • Are unofficial releases available too?


EVERY cd/vinyl in our catalogue is a legal press (licensed editions may be available too), no bootlegs here.

We'll provide a detailed description of every product in our catalogue, however feel free to ask.


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