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Disphere - Abscience now available for streaming! (27/11/2015)


From this day forward, thanks to Sepulchral Silence digital distribution, our first release is now available on SPOTIFY!


Simply type "Abscience" or "Rude Awakening Records" to find it!


In the next days, expect to find it also on:


- iTunes

- Deezer

- Rdio

- Tidal

- Google Play

- Apple Music

- Amazon Mp3

- eMusic

- Shazam

- Omnifone

- Wimp

- Juke

- Rhapsody



Disphere – new track available for streaming and “Abscience” release date revealed



After “Inborn”, a new track is available for streaming by Italian band DISPHERE for their debut reissue by Rude Awakening Records.

The chosen track is “To Walk The Earthquake”, fourth song on “Abscience” anticipating the forthcoming release on 300 hand-numbered copies worldwide.


Release date is set for 25th November 2015, “Abscience” copies will be available directly from our website. In the meanwhile, check out official label channels for streaming!



Disphere - new artwork and first streaming track unveiled! (12/10/2015)


As recently announced, Italian band DISPHERE will see a reissue of their debut album “Abscience”. Starting from today, the track “Inborn” has been made available for streaming and more will be unleashed soon on official channels by Rude Awakening Records.

New cover and artwork will be illustrated by Abomination Imagery Studio (Infernaeon, Sinister, Spawn Of Possession, etc.), preview on "Releases" page.

“Abscience” tracklist follows the same order as 2007 self-production:


1. Inborn

2. Hydro.Mental.Carnage

3. Cold, Still Beating

4. To Walk The Earthquake

5. Infecting Skies With Mortality

6. Abscience

7. The Unholy Cult Of Nothingness

8. Desert Of Devourment


Release date is set for the second half of November, 300 hand-numbered CDs by Rude Awakening Records. Audio preview is available both on YouTube and Soundcloud official channels.


Disphere - debut reissue coming soon! (29/09/2015)


Rude Awakening Records is proud to announce the reissue of DISPHERE debut album, “Abscience”, originally self-released in 2007.


Born in Naples in 2006 as a trio led by Pirozzi brothers, early years sound was inspired by acclaimed extreme Metal bands such as Cynic, Meshuggah and Cephalic Carnage, and brought them to compose "Abscience", a promo lasting slightly longer than 30 minutes with eight fierce tracks. The band's sound will evolve across ten years of career diverting from previous influences to incorporate Alternative and Post Metal elements, represented nowadays by their fourth full length, “Mountain.Crushing.Waves.” (2015).


Shortly “Abscience” will be reissued as a professional CD, 300 hand-numbered copies with a new artwork, destined for extreme Italian underground Metal maniacs. DISPHERE will be the first band proudly reissued by Rude Awakening Records. Artwork and audio previews will be revealed soon, stay tuned on official label channels!




Working on first label release (06/09/2015)


Currently defining details for the VERY FIRST reissue by Rude Awakening. Stay tuned, details will be revealed soon!

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