Maldoror - In Saturn Mystique (RA-003)

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1. Intro: The Ain Soph Elevation (Consuming Trinities)

2. E.O.N. Mysterium (Pt. 1 Eresia Della Vergine, Pt. 2 Solar Sign Proclaiming)

3. Transcendence: Psychick Continuum Infera

4. Osiris Elettro Mantrum (Pt. 1 Tenebra Solaris, Pt. 2 Adoneus Veni Ad Nos)

5. Nera Celebrazione Egoica (I.N.R.I.)

6. Quinto Arcano (Pt. 1 Apotheosis Of The Inner Star, Pt. 2 La Mort De La Sacralitée)

7. H.O.D. (Sounds For The Un-Masses)



Available for preorder! First 50 copies come with an exclusive metal pin with the band logo at a special fan friendly price directly and exclusively from us!


CD + pin: 11€ (first 50 copies)

CD: 9€


Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies worldwide!






















Absit Omen (English)

Kronic (Italian)

Occult Black Metal Zine (English)

Eternity Magazin (German)

Insane Voices Labyrinth (Italian)



















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